THE MOTHERS by Elissa Dale


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Thirtyish, metropolitan and bored, Diana, Amanda, Mimi, Nora and Sheila sit on a park bench minding the young they soon won't have any time for. Bellwethered by Diana -- now overcome by an insatiable sexual second wind -- they're into heavy adultery and Diana becomes a sensuous woman beyond compare and beneath her own contempt. Circulating from two of their husbands and a group swing and a lesbian get-together, she also masturbates alone and not so alone. Amanda, her closest friend, seduces the homosexual editor of the juvenile book Diana is working on (she's not writing very well). Nora cuts her wrists. Mimi is divorced. And Diana's husband -- that's the surprise no self-respecting reviewer would reveal. This is the plot in more detail than we would normally have provided and in an attempt to furnish more conventional criticism of this kind of book which neither prompts nor deserves it (a) the characters exist only as the caprice of their appetites, (b) the style is easy -- very easy with four-letter words, (c) the title is misleading unless chosen to prove that a mother is a man's best friend, and (d) it is not recommended for small, medium or large institutions or individuals.

Pub Date: Sept. 5th, 1972
Publisher: Prentice-Hall