JOURNEY TO ENGLAND by Elith Unnerstad


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Reminiscent of an earlier book by this author, Journey with Grandmother (1960 J-234), in this a brother and sister depart from their native Sweden in search of their mother whose had been a haircraft shop in London many months before. The first lap of this odyssey is relatively uneventful and they reach the shop only to discover that Mama never arrived. Gathering, fortitude, the two begin to follow a trail of vague rumors, possible leads and personal hardship which until the last page proves utterly fruitless, despite the assortment of people they befriend en route. Luck and fate enter the picture finally and Mama does turn up, a victim of partial amnesia. Considerably less scenic and credible than other books by Miss Unnerstead, this bases its major appeal on the ""frustration syndrome"" and the overt sentimentality (surefire approach) of two forlorn waifs hopefully looking for mother.

Publisher: Macmillan