NANA STAR by Elizabeth and Elena Patrice Sills


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A little girl’s magical journey to return a golden star to its celestial home.

A young, stick figure of a girl in a bright blue dress happily plays in a sunny field of wildflowers, as birds and butterflies flutter around her. She wiles away her time, finding nature shapes in fluffy clouds and twirling about to amuse herself. When she tires, she settles for a nap amidst a pile of picked flowers. But she awakens to the sound of a frightened little voice, calling for its “Nana.” In a nearby pile of leaves, the girl discovers a tiny, golden star that has fallen from the sky. She assures the star that she will care for him and be his “Nana Star” until she can find a way to return him to his home in the sky. With the help of an old tree and the Moonman, Nana and her golden charge embark upon their journey. Cheery full-page, cartoon-like illustrations of watercolor and ink add movement and depth to the prose. The protagonist has a fairy princess appeal that personifies compassion and generosity. This story would work well with a group of preschoolers, but its quiet, intimate tone makes it an ideal candidate for a gentle bedtime read. Nana Star comes packaged with a read-along audio CD of excellent sound quality; its pleasant narration underscored by a soothing melody reminiscent of the classic “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” The disc also includes an activity in which young listeners are encouraged to find a hidden, misspelled word in the text and send their answers to the authors to receive a picture prize, illustrating that even imperfections can be special. The authors’ grandmother originated the Nana Star character to reassure her grandson of her love whenever they were apart. But the story’s warmth and charm invites all young readers to share in its encompassing sense of belonging, safety and peace.

A golden tale of love and friendship.

Pub Date: Dec. 1st, 2007
Program: Kirkus Indie
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