AT THE EDGE OF THE SHADOW by Elizabeth Bacon Rodewald


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What drove Sarah Winthrop to drink- is reviewed retrospectively and recognizably some years later after she has been able to salvage herself and her marriage. The protected child of an overbearing father and a too beautiful mother, Sarah's only legacy from the wealthy Lathrops is the insecurity which many years later will result in her private- or so she thinks- drinking. The first years of marriage to Jonathan bring the satisfaction of a hard life shared and supplemented by four children; as Jonathan moves on, to Evanston, and New York, there is the acceleration of too many parties; and finally, when they settle in a small town where Jonathan buys his own business and devotes too much time to it- there is the increasing fear that she has lost his love, the contempt she faces when she is hopelessly drunk, until the revelation that she is destroying Jonathan- not herself- sobers her up permanently.... With perhaps not quite the redemptive value of the Lillian Roth book, this is still a sympathetic subject with a believable background of people you might know- say next door. Men will abstain- but women, particularly at a rental level, will be receptive.

Pub Date: March 7th, 1955
Publisher: Lippincott