CASTLE HERITAGE by Elizabeth Barr


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Caroline Spencer must marry, for it is 1897 and there is no alternative for a well-bred English girl but governessing. Since her sphere of acquaintance is limited, she jumps at the chance to visit Castle Heritage in Cornwall, home of her mum's old school chum, the lovely but ominous Malvina. Caroline (who suffers from the usual Gothic obtuseness) is married off in no time to Malvina's tiresome, babyish son Rupert, but, alas, Rupert is no man on their wedding night and, worse yet, Caroline has conceived a fateful passion for Rupe's piratical cousin Drew. Her proleptic dreams of being trapped in a tunnel, the wise woman's dark warning, and her discoveries of the recent murder of another young wife (not to mention the numerous portraits lying about that are Caroline's spit and image) all indicate that things are not what they seem and someone is Up To No Good. And sure enough. A rather pallid but inoffensive tour of a terrain we have all visited many times before.

Pub Date: Jan. 13th, 1977
Publisher: Doubleday