SING MORNING STAR by Elizabeth Bleeker Meigs


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From her reinterpretation of Joan of Arc's story in Candle in the Sky (1953- p. 116) the author moves back to the Crusades and the reign of Baldwin the Leper in Jerusalem -- for an historical romance that displays the same quality of well-matched melodrama and pathos. Making Baldwin younger than he actually was at the time- 16 instead of 22- she weaves a series of heart-rending elements into his reign. There is his friendship with the monk Geoffrey de St. Croix and his love for Geoffrey's sister Cathy- thwarted when he finds that he is a leper. With the Saracens and the jealous Templar knight Odo to hold at bay, Baldwin- with his increasing illness- battles again to hold the Holy Land for his side, and the story, presenting the Saracen view as well, is a vivid picture of the times despite the few factual liberties it has taken.

Pub Date: Aug. 31st, 1954
Publisher: Dutton