DAUGHTER OF STRANGERS by Elizabeth Boatwright Coker


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A decorative drama which gives full play to place (New Orleans and South Carolina), to period (just before the Civil War) and to passion, this is the story of Charlotte Le Jeune, the daughter of a white man and a quadroon beauty, who learned only at twelve of her inheritance of black blood when she was sold into slavery and bought by the Gaillards. In love with Inigo Gaillard, their son, Charlotte faces further disillusion when she realizes it's only desire on his part, is whipped by him publicly, and after the situation gets out of hand, is sold to a friend where for the first time she lives in slave quarters. This forces her to identify herself with her people, with Leon Cavallo, also part white, a doctor and a free man, but it is only after Inigo's violent death that she is free to marry Leon and work for their common cause... A southern pepperpot of sensation and emotion this is toned down by the chivalric code and makes the melodramatic most of a ticklish theme.

Pub Date: Sept. 18th, 1950
Publisher: Dutton