INDIA ALLAN by Elizabeth Boatwright Coker


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Again (Daughter of Strangers, The Day of the Peacock) more chili than relish for a story of the Civil War which includes the sensual, and sadistic, type of incident which has become a sort of mythology of this period. India Allan is the incredibly spoiled daughter of an unnaturally possessive father. At sixteen, she falls passionately in love with Max Allan, and when she elopes with him at seventeen, her father takes to wearing her clothes and using laudanum. The villainess of the book is Duchess, a Negro from Barbodos embittered when her owner, India's father, sells her on the slave block in retaliation for her championship of India. She is bought by India's husband's coachman, a freed Negro, and goes berserk and shoots India's son. Meanwhile India's husband returns from the war- a victim of amnesia- who regains his memory just a few pages before the close of the book.... Heading straight for technicolor, but in the meantime- rentals.

Pub Date: Oct. 12th, 1953
Publisher: Dutton