THE LADY OF MONKTON by Elizabeth Byrd


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In all innocence or gall, Miss Byrd has written a wild story of ensorcelment in 15th century Scotland -- black as the plague (that's here too), magic, and raven's droppings. Cathryn, fourteen at her father's death, is married off by proxy to unknown-to-her Roger and he is not around when she is sent to Monkton. But she's watched over by a time traveler who seems to speak every tongue except glossalalia, which still does not keep her out of the hands of the Bishop, in partial retreat, or from a pregnancy in spite of the precautions he takes (vinegar -- for him, not her). Thus when Roger returns it takes some doing to unite them for the future, but ""cleave to the moment"" and you'll find it passes, quickly, if only because you're amused as well as startled out of your senses.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1975
Publisher: Stein & Day