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LIAR'S MOON by Elizabeth C. Bunce


by Elizabeth C. Bunce

Age Range: 14 & up

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-545-13608-2
Publisher: Levine/Scholastic

A solid fantasy sequel embroils its irresistible heroine in mystery, intrigue and romance (StarCrossed, 2010).

Erstwhile lady's maid, forger and spy Digger is back in the besieged city of Gerse—picking pockets, avoiding the fanatic Greenmen and looking for any opportunity to aid Prince Wierolf and his rebel allies. But when her friend Lord Durrel is imprisoned for poisoning his wife, Digger devotes her skills to proving his innocence. The titular moon belongs to the god of wine, deception and thieves, all of which play significant roles in a convoluted narrative involving murder, magic, smuggling, sex, blackmail, bribery, religion and revolution, with a fair sprinkling of humor and romance. There's an awful lot of plot going on, but it never spirals out of control; Digger always manages to be where events are unfolding, make friends with the right people and uncover the crucial clues. She remains a marvelous creation, with a wry observant voice and a veneer of heartbreaking bravado; indeed, her personality is so vibrant that (lacking an equally strong antagonist) every other character tends to disappear in her shadow. While it's not a standalone, sufficient information is provided to start with this entry, and the main plot lines wrap up in a satisfying fashion—but an unexpected twist in the final paragraphs will leave Digger's many fans impatient for her next adventure.

Simply put, a darn good read. (Fantasy. 14 & up)