THE ROUND DOZEN by Elizabeth Cadell


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Would you mind if the passers-by saw me kissing you?"" So says very rich, very non-swinging London bachelor William Helder to very smart, very clean Cambridgeshire secretary Hazel Paget--who helps him search for the missing (since 1702) silver flagon needed to complete the Helder family's set of twelve. What else happens, you ask? Not much, we answer. But who cares, we add, when Cadell continues to saturate each page with antiquated (but vigorously unmannered) charm, populating each scene with uniformly good-hearted, irresistibly unlikely contemporary characters. Like Hazel's disposable fashion-designer fiancÉ or her reclusive composer brother or her neighbor's cockney hairdresser-boyfriend or William's jaunty step-ma. Butlers (remember butlers?), concerts, foot-bridges, roses--and a highly respectable spot of deductive sleuthing by Wm. and Hazel that leads to the flagon as well as the altar. Tea-time, cream cakes and yummy all.

Pub Date: June 26th, 1978
Publisher: Morrow