MONEY TO BURN by Elizabeth Cadell


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Again a romantic idyll drifts with the dolce far niente of youthful dreams as this time Raymond Trysting, and his sister, Auriol, are left with a proud name but impoverished circumstances, three elderly aunts, and the doubtful factors which surround their father's death. For if the family homeplace had been burned to the ground deliberately- there is also the question of the disappearance of the insurance money (said to have also been burned by eccentric Aunt Elvira) and the Trysting silver- a rare collection. All of this keeps Raymond from marrying Lisette, who loves him, as he broods over the charred remains of his legacy- while Auriol breaks her promises to marry the many men who falls in love with her. But Leigh Andersen, a Canadian, puts an end to her irresolution- while again a fire is to reveal the source of the money- the silver- and to absolve the past for Raymond's future with Lisette...Restful and rentable.

Publisher: Morrow