AMERICA BEFORE MAN by Elizabeth Chesley Baity
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The companion volume to Americans Before Columbus (1951 p. 129) is an enlightened, engrossing record of the development of geological and life forms as they have had bearing on our western hemisphere. Starting with the creation of the earth itself, the author is careful to acknowledge and explain varying theories of evolution and to draw the fine lines between truth and supposition. As nearly chronological as possible, there follows material on land formation, first life, fossils, invertebrates, vertebrates, land and air reptiles, early mammals, the ice age and homo sapiens. And with her historical sense as well developed as it is, the author has the gift of illuminating the connecting points of the ages and telling us quite clearly of the vast network of interrelating causes and effects that brought us to our present state.

Pub Date: Sept. 21st, 1953
Publisher: Viking