MAN IS A WEAVER by Elizabeth Chesley Baity


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In that same issue appeared a review of Phyllis Ann Carter's excellent outline of ""man as a weaver"", Spin, Weave and Wear, a book for somewhat younger readers. I am glad this book was postponed, for it should prove a good and permanent source book and reference, but it lacked the spark of the other book, and might -- in contrast at the time -- have lost its value in the place it belongs. This is undoubtedly a more thorough piece of scholarship. The facts are here in greater detail; the subject is treated chronologically, country by country, with an interesting handling of labor conditions, the growing power of the Guilds. Then she passes on to the Industrial Revolution, machines, old, new and probable future developments, and the coming of synthetic materials, substitutes for wool, silk and cotton, a facet of particular importance today. A sound book, occasionally text booky in handling. Should have wide appeal for school and college libraries and trade schools.

Publisher: Viking