A NICE ITALIAN GIRL by Elizabeth Christman


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Ann Macarino is not too naive to notice the beautiful young man in her lit class (his shirt ""was thin enough for her to see that he wore nothing under it""), but she's a victim from the word go. Pregnant after ""sinning"" only twice, she agrees to a ""private"" adoption scheme only to learn that she has actually been seduced to order (!) by the young man who is applying his dastardly potency towards putting himself through college. Broke, alone, and afraid to confess to her father, Ann believes the Biondos, the older Italian couple for whom the baby was intended, when they claim to be innocent of the scheme--""We're Italian, Miss Macarino, like you are."" But once she's installed in the house next to the Biondo funeral parlor there are disquieting discoveries--a used handkerchief in her new maternity dress; the news that Mrs. Biondo killed her own son in an accident; an overheard phone conversation between Mr. Biondo and the young man's lawyer/cohort. . . . Intimations that Ann's situation has more to do with Rosemary's Baby than True Confessions are preempted by her early delivery. We last see Ann in the maternity ward calling triumphantly for her son and are left to wonder whether all the sinister doings were only a paranoid delusion. . . in any case, she isn't the only one who's been had.

Pub Date: April 12th, 1976
Publisher: Dodd, Mead