DOOR TO THE NORTH by Elizabeth Coatsworth
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A thrilling historical novel with fresh material, lively development and inconspicuous authenticity -- the best so far in the Land of the Freeseries. Young Clay Sigurdson, eager to avenge slurs against his father, goes with Paul Knutson on his expedition for the Norwegian king, Magnus Eirikson, in the fourteenth century. The voyage -- to find the mysteriously vanished ""Western Settlement"" of Greenland and bring them back to Christianity -- leads the men through strange bleak lands of the North, to lands of deserted villages, wolves and savages. However, the Knutson men finally do meet the lost colonists who have mingled with the ""Skraelings"" of the new land, and Olav clears his father's name. The author has followed in general the theory based on the Kensington stone and other evidence, that people from Norwegian Greenland settlements left at this time for what is now the Minnesota region.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1950
Publisher: Winston