OLD WHIRLWIND by Elizabeth Coatsworth


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A rather uninspiring tale of Davy Crockett's youth is the fifth title in the Once-Upon-A-Time-in-america series, (see 1953, p. 68 for the last one). Against his wishes twelve year old Davy is sent with the grasping drover, Hunk Dorr, on a trip to Baltimore. With Davy goes his trusting hunting dog Whirlwind, but each step of the journey reveals more of Dorr's dishonesty- until the pair finally run away, and on the way home meet a friend and a Quaker teacher Mr. Bisbee, who promises to give the boy the book learning he wants. Too simply told for 8 to 11 interests, but the chain of events may fire younger imaginations.

Pub Date: Sept. 8th, 1953
Publisher: Macmillan