THE ENCHANTED by Elizabeth Coatsworth


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A homey, deep dish fantasy set way up in Maine. When David Ross bought his farm, he would not take seriously the legends about the enchanted region which encroached upon his land. Legend and loneliness were forgotten, however, as soon as Mr. and Mrs. Perdry and their covey of sons and daughters flock like good neighbors to visit him and help him. In spite of the fact that the plump, charming daughters look exactly alike, it is Molly who singles herself out to love and be loved by David. Marriage to Molly, Molly's terrible inner conflict of which David is scarcely aware, her disappearance, and several odd events reveal to David the Perdrys' secret. For the Perdrys, you see, are not people.... A pleasant reading experience if you are addicted to Maine ways and fairy tale surprises.

Pub Date: May 18th, 1951
Publisher: Pantheon