THE NOBLE DOLL by Elizabeth Coatsworth
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The impoverished noblewoman, Dona Amalia, gladly accepts the help of little Luisa throughout the year and rewards her with a glance at the beautiful, mysterious doll, Rosita, a fragile relic of a glorious past. As the ranchito continues to deteriorate Luisa decides to dress Rosita in the garb of Saint Francis and pray for deliverance. The famous Mexican Finat is broken in joy at Christmas time when the authorities offer Dona Amali a great deal of money for her valuable property. Whether good fortune is instigated by Rosita's wiles or Luisa's prayers or by chance itself, a most satisfying ending winds up a charming tale threaded with legend-like flavor and developed to the fullest by Leo Politi's evocative Mexican Illustrations in full color and black and white.

Pub Date: Sept. 22nd, 1961
Publisher: Viking