THE CONTINUING CITY by Elizabeth Corbett


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This is the reprise of the very full life of Gwendolyn Soeley, mother and wife. To a doctor John she's mated and to Poesy dedicated. She gives birth to four papooses, ""Baby Brother"" whom she loses; Then there's Jeanie and the twins Musical comedy harlequins. Then she writes a sonnet sequence Iambic dreadful- but from thence Snazzy lines ** (see to your right) Musical comedy to bedight. In which her boys will then perform; But why go on-- to chloroform. If Gwen's verse, dreadful doggerel Is publishable, then, oh well So is this-- a kind of glucose. The Market? You can diagnose. ""I am Tom? And I am Jerry. Now you know us/ Let's make merry.

Publisher: Appleton-Century