IMMORTAL HELEN by Elizabeth Corbett


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A new publisher and a new genre for Elizabeth Corbett, in a period piece (the 1870's) and place (the midwest) story of father and daughter. Christopher Hastings, rich, self-made and self-willed, never forgets the memory of his ""immortal Helen"" who had died when their daughter, Eve, was born. Indulgent, but vigilant with Eve, Christopher takes her away to break off her puppy love affair with Billy Montgomery. Meeting, in the south, a widow whose frail and genteel daughter Lydia reminds him of Helen, he marries the mother to provide a chaperone for the more flamboyant Eve, but cannot restrain her when she next falls in love with once-divorced, ethically unsound Cheney. Failing with his protective, preventive measures, the story ends as Hastings is left with his widow, Eve marries Cheney, and Lydia, the discarded Billy....A not too strong story interest but sufficient decorative detail for a feminine market.

Pub Date: Feb. 5th, 1947
Publisher: Doubleday