THE PRESIDENT'S WIFE by Elizabeth Corbett


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Rita, a professor's wife at a small midwestern (Illinois) college, whose children are almost grown, and who has outgrown her marriage to the rather stolid Matt, wants a new life for herself-but not at the expense of Matt's career. For the stigma of divorce-at the turn of the century- is strong and will ruin his candidacy as the next president of Holcombe College. She goes to New York- to study music; she falls in love with another man who will share more stimulating interests but she is discreet until the time when Matt gives her his freedom, turns in his resignation, and is rewarded with an offer from a university.... Others- besides Rita- may find the provincial life here pretty confining- but Elizabeth Corbett has her conservative consistency.

Pub Date: Aug. 20th, 1958
Publisher: Lippincott