THE HEART OF THE VILLAGE by Elizabeth Corbett


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Greenwich Village is the habitat, 1927 the vintage of Alice and Harry Martin, who with a new married son and daughter out of town, are on their own with a bookshop and a bevy of artistic friends to keep them company. Alice is a relentless matchmaker, but when she tries to put one and one together, there are some surprises in store. Their sculptor friend Emil turns out to love her instead of the fresh young thing she has provided, but renunciation is in the cards; their writer friend Virginia turns from the rather questionable gentleman bootlegger who keeps her in company and chocolates to the preferred lead man, Lee, only to fall finally for another writer friend, Don. So it goes, with much reading from books and more remarking upon the Martins' supposedly witty repartee by the contributing parties, and very little else. Tired.

Publisher: Appleton-Century-Crofts