LIVING WITH ALCOHOLISM by Elizabeth D. Whitney


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There have been a number of good books on alcoholism, which doesn't invalidate this one if you need to freshen your drink-- it's certainly much more substantial than The Smithers Foundation. Understanding Alcoholism (p. 728), while also using Dr. Jellinek's system of classification. There are new insights throughout, certainly for the uninformed: on symptomology: on the rationalizations and dubious rewards of drinking; on professional vulnerability (salesmen, doctors, lawyers, clergymen among the most prone); on early apprehensions to later compulsions as the initial social drinker becomes the ""serious, purposeful alcoholic""; on motivation for treatment and what kind (psychiatry is ""eclectic"") and it cannot be handled by relatives who are usually part of the problem. A considered, evaluative and prescriptive assessment.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1968
Publisher: Beacon