ARISE FROM SLEEP by Elizabeth Delehanty
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An Above Suspicion layout for another tight, tense story of two against Fascism, in the tale of Paula who goes to Italy to fetch a recalcitrant aunt, and of Robert, an engineer, plans unknown. The handling is less adroit than in the MacInnes novel; this is good, but not quite as good. The stress is on the pursuit, per se; the webbing is a trifle blurred. On shipboard, Italy bound (before Italy's entry into war), they meet and fall in love, despite supervision by Paganini, the purser, set upon doing away with Robert. They arrive -- the aunt has already departed -- Paula's passage back is voided when war is declared. With Robert's help, they stage an undercover escape to Paris -- and America. The plot is a trifle vague -- but the sense of tension is evenly sustained.

Pub Date: April 3rd, 1942
Publisher: Viking