SUN ON THEIR SHOULDERS by Elizabeth Eastman


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There is something new under the sun -- a slice out of American life which, up to now, has occurred to no one as a possibility. A story of the Finnish cranberry growers on the Cape, a story of rare quality, which should have a chance with those who seized with avidity upon GIANTS IN THE EARTH some years ago. Anyone who has driven down Cape Cod and seen countless signs indicating the existence of cranberry begs, or watched the beat shoulders of the pickers, will feel a certain excitement over the gradual unfolding of a quiet emotional tragedy of the old Finn whose life ambition has been to become the largest cranberry bog owner on the Cape -- and whose sons sell him out to the god of materialism. He, to be sure, has made a god of his ambition, and relentlessly sacrificed everything on its altar -- until he in turn is sacrificed. And yet your sympathy grows until you can scarcely bear the inevitable end. The plot is tenuous -- the characters in themselves, unappealing; but there is a vitality, a poignancy in the telling that holds one to the end. A dark horse. Watch it.

Pub Date: June 27th, 1934
Publisher: Morrow