AMERICAN ACCENT by Elizabeth- Ed. Abell


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Stories from the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference threaded by letters to a young writer and the contributors' own words about the Conference provide an attractive and commendably sturdy proof of merit. There are stories by staff members -- Wallace Stegner, Jessamyn West, May Sarton, Warren Beck, Richard Wilbur -- written with polish and perceptiveness and dealing with human relations in intimate, unshowy terms. The stories of the fellows of the school -- A. B. Guthric, Carson McCullers, Josephine Johnson and others-reflect the same qualities. The stories of the younger writers who have recently attended the school are interesting in their wider range, from science fiction to family relations, and are generally less assured in the depth of writing. A volume of good reading, with special appeal for person directly interested in Bread Loaf and its fruits.

Pub Date: May 19th, 1954
Publisher: Ballantine