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PROM & PREJUDICE by Elizabeth Eulberg


by Elizabeth Eulberg

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-545-24077-2
Publisher: Point/Scholastic

Jane Austen for the Gossip Girl set. The latest entry in the wide (and wildly varied) field of Austen takeoffs demonstrates how well the Regency Bard’s work translates as contemporary teen angst. Lizzie Bennett is a scholarship student from Hoboken with a chip on her shoulder at Longbourn Academy, a posh Connecticut boarding school where her classmates are rich, rude and hostile. Neighboring Pemberley Academy supplies the boys and the prom drama, giving Lizzie the opportunity to meet her match in haughty Will Darcy. Naturally, the pair’s energetic verbal sparring reveals pride, prejudice and affection on both sides. Eulberg’s adaptation is faithful without being dogmatic; she successfully translates the essential elements of Austen’s narrative into 21st-century dialogue and descriptions and still leaves enough room for play with the details. The twist ending lacks originality (readers will find themselves thinking of several movies and even more books), but originality isn’t the point here. Eulberg delivers a fun, frothy romp that delights—and, refreshingly, doesn’t involve anyone undead. (Chick lit. 13 & up)