HAMILTON TERRACE by Elizabeth F. Corbett


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Kindly Mr. Quigg, janitor in a high school, gives up his position after he rehabilitates some old houses into Hamilton Terrace. But he also likes to fix up young lives and takes a particular interest in Gwen Seeley, only child of an impossibly demanding mother. Gwen seems likely to become an old maid in the service of the older woman, and even after her mother dies, has little use for John Davidson, who- while his first cats were wild ones, settles down as a doctor. Adrift after her mother's death, Gwen writes poetry (St. Nicholas Magazine had recognized her talent as a child), turns down other offers of marriage, until finally Mr. Quigg helps to consolidate her future with Dr. Davidson..... Nothing newfangled around here, this has a pre-World War I setting as solid as its mahogany furniture- and that conservative women's market will find it fulsome, wholesome.

Pub Date: Feb. 19th, 1959
Publisher: Appleton-Century-Crofts