A VIEW OF THE SEA by Elizabeth Fair


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....which is also a view of the inhabitants of Caweston, particularly Edith Newby, her sister, Rose Barlow, and her daughter, Lucy -- and the men (and a few other women) in their lives. Miss Newby and Mrs. Barlow run a summer hotel, with a running fire of guest and servant help; Lucy is teetering on an engagement to schoolmaster Nevil Fowler; Mr. Heritage is their fussy old friend whose recently arrived godson, Edward Wray, is not only very much on deck as architect for a new housing development, but also very much a hurdle in Nevil's rather bumbling pursuit of Lucy. The spring and summer pass in family, friendly and inimical tactics when Mr. Heritage tries to head Edward away from Lucy, Nevil attempts to maintain his original advantages, the sisters scheme to oust Nevil -- and Lucy finds Edward far nicer than Nevil. Loaded with the fuller explanation department, this succeeds in a sort of static acrimony that sharpens its crumpet-ty atmosphere. For confessed Anglophiles.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1955
Publisher: Funk & Wagnalls