NO HOUR OF HISTORY by Elizabeth Ford


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A homely story of America growing up, through the life of Victoria Ash, gracious, daring, adventurous, with an extraordinary zest for life. Her youth was spent in Iowa, when there was still threat of Indians, and her family represented the strength of the middle west, the best of American tradition. There is little plot -- youth, marriage, widowhood, her courage in holding down his job after her husband's death, while their daughter grew up, eventually remarriage. A woman's story patterned against the panorama of changing years, with the emphasis on background, with all the minutiae of passing vogues, -- food, china, songs, books, political headlines. It was on just such details that the success of Years of Grace was founded, catching a nostalgic interest of those who look back and remember The Good Old Days. A first novel, which many of your substantial ""homebodies"" will like.

Pub Date: Sept. 18th, 1940
Publisher: Washburn