GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD by Elizabeth Godge
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In reverence and sensitive awareness, Elizabeth Goudge retells the Gospel story, welding the four Gospels into a consecutive story, and adding her own interpretation where she felt it was needed Sleeped in a lifetime of close study and deep conviction, she brings to the ever new story a sense of its drama, its ineffable beauty, its message for today's and confusion. Through the grouping of the incidents she shows how Jesus' life fell into ""three movements"",- the first, his birth, his babyhood and boyhood, the second, of his ministry, suffering and death; the third his resurrection. And within the period to which most space is given, that of the ministry, she shows us Jesus as the great physician, the teacher and devoted friend, the fighter for men's souls, the sufferer for their We learn again the profound lessons of humility, of love, of , and of the need to carry on the practical mission of life as well as the spiritual one. The most extraordinary part of her achievement is the way in which using a tale told again and again and familiar to every reader- she has imbued it with a sense of mounting drama, as though it was read for the first time, and with full measure of inspiration from the figure of Jesus, the Son of God...The publication date gives added emphasis of Holy Week and Easter. The Book of the Month is using the book as an alternate

Pub Date: March 19th, 1951
Publisher: Coward-McCann