FLORA: A BIOGRAPHY by Elizabeth Gray Vining


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When Bonnie Prince Charlie landed on the Isle of Skye, Flora MacDonald gave him aid and comfort of the guide and hide kind. She spent some time in the Tower because of it and became a legend in her own lifetime, with Dr. Johnson and Boswell paying calls on her in their Hebrides wanderings and local admirers among her fellow Scot aristocrats. Then she married a man who didn't have the money touch and circumstances forced them to emigrate to North Carolina, where he was a Loyalist during the Revolution and they lost everything; They returned to Skye. It was a snarled record and it is easy to understand how the author of Windows for the Crown Prince must have been caught in the problem of untangling it. Nevertheless, even with all the facts straight, Flora remains the shadowiest of minor figures in history. The major market is North Carolina and, if it could only be sold to all the extant MacDonalds it could best sell. With that weird possiblity to one side, its appeal seems very limited.

Publisher: Lippincott