SURRENDER THE HEART by Elizabeth Grey Stewart


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Ringing a change on the dominant woman theme, this relates the origins of a wife's withdrawal from her marriage, and the meshing of character and circumstance that draws her into the realization of her mistake. Judith's succession of shocks, her mother's death, her father's remarriage, her husband's infidelity, isolate her in her music and in her husband Clay's career. It is young Alex (Clay's son from an affair with a married woman) whom Judith adores possessively, and it is his love for Laurie, almost a thwarted musician, that rouses her, forces her to abandon her claims on Alex and free Laurie from her fascination for Clay's brother. In admitting her scars, and keeping Alex and Laurie's love intact, Judith frees herself and is able to accept Clay on his own terms Generously feminine, generally competent marital problem material.

Pub Date: March 21st, 1947
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill