NOBODY LISTENS TO ANDREW by Elizabeth Guilfoile
Kirkus Star


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A simple, direct comedy, this is capricious and credible and wholeheartedly funny. Andrew is a bristly boy, about as grubby as most, who "". . . saw something upstairs"". He ran to tell Mother, a figure obviously not interested, in Mary Stevens' rollicking pictures. Mother is busy paying Mrs. Cleaner, with no time to listen. Nor has Daddy, terribly absorbed in cutting grass. Sister Ruthy and brother Bobby wouldn't listen. Nor would Mr. Neighbor, who was interested only in walking his dog. But Andrew stamped his foot. And he said very loud, ""THERE IS A BEAR UPSTAIRS IN MY BED"". Well! Everybody took notice then. The police came. And the fire department. And the man from the zoo. And the dog catcher. (The pictures of the big-eyed citizenry stalking the mild plump bear asleep on Andrew's bed are truly inspired.) Be-cowlicked and blue jeaned Andrew will find a friend in every reader and listener. Best of all, most second graders can sail through this alone, for it is geared to their abilities.

Publisher: Follett