CIRCUS SEQUINS by Elizabeth Hamilton Friermood


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Forced to choose between farm boyfriend Doug and stardom in the circus, Roxy casts herself (illogically) as the captive in ""The Lady or the Tiger?"" and like that conundrum, this one has no answer; Roxy's still holding out on the last page. The first through fourth list the cast of the Great Hallock Circus, which Roxy joins to help grandmother Gracie in Wardrobe; but Gracie was a rider, and so was Roxy's mother, and so will Roxy be if she can get out from behind the hundreds and hundreds of costumes. Frieda Jantry, once Gracio's rival and still a star, trains Roxy to spite Gracie and Doug signs on as a groom to collar her. Besides the inevitable Big Break there are lots of minor fracases but the show goes on. . . elephants and camels and a pig in harness, aerialists and animal trainers and clowns, a postmaster and a thousand roustabouts, rolling across the countryside at night, setting up the Big Top every morning, parading at ten, performing matinees and evenings . . . and the old-time circus dust is so insidious that Roxy's ""Mama, Mama, how could you leave all this"" will occur to many girls despite the hokum. They might also be able to make up her mind.

Pub Date: Oct. 14th, 1968
Publisher: Doubleday