ANYTHING BUT LOVE by Elizabeth Hawes


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An old outfielder who has battled fashion and other feminine shibboleths for years goes for the perverted effects on feminine audiences of the women's magazines, advertising, popular non- fiction items, radio and films, and Forever Amber as the sole fiction title thrown into the reference frame. In a manner as subtle as a bludgeon, she reports, with verbatim quotes, the pretty patterns of deceit, cheating pretense that pass for rules for feminine behavior advocated by the short story writers, the advertisers of beauty, gadgets, housekeeping and fashion. She builds up a chronological graph of the indoctrination of the woman's world from 12 to beyond 35... The resultant portrait of Miss (later Mrs.) America has for antidote only nausea to clear the system of the poisons. Career women, women aspiring to marriage, brides, married women -- all should blanch to read what is expected of them; should wince to realize that what passes for entertainment has such a vicious twist. As funny as a conk on the head -- but maybe that's the intention. You can't say she doesn't give battle.

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1948
Publisher: Rinehart