MEN CAN TAKE IT by Elizabeth Hawes


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This by the author of Fashion Is Spinach should have a reasonably predictable sale on the basis of the success of the earlier book, but we cannot see anything like the same story. First, it is thinly spun, good special article material stretched out to do duty as a book. She says herself:--""It is all so simple, I wonder why one should write books about men's clothes.""--And then goes on to do it herself, without answering her own question. Basic recipe -- men should remove collar, tie and coat and be comfortable. Of course, she goes into it more deeply, discusses sports clothes, dress clothes, business clothes; matters of fabric and style and color, but she is not very concrete in her plans for reform -- nor, to this reader, very convincing. The book simply emerges as a picture of Elizabeth Hawes haw-hawing at men's clothes. I doubt whether ""men can take it."" BUT, the publishers are dressing it up with fourteen illustrations by James Thurber; they are doing a special publicity and promotion job, such as they did with Fashion Is Spinach, so watch it!

Pub Date: June 5th, 1939
Publisher: Random House