TOUJOURS DIANE by Elizabeth Headley


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A European summer is a dream most teen aged girls cherish, and this story- while more frothy than necessary- has definite appeal to the age interest. Diane Grahame is in a bit of a jam romantically, and her parents, on a business trip, conveniently plan to take her along. On board ship she meets Peter Crowell of London, also planning to ""do"" the continent; she almost loses him to a French girl before she finds out how to use some of her tricks of allure. From then on it is one bubble of enjoyment after another. While the parents attend to business, she sees London with Peter, Paris with Peter, the mountains of Switzerland, the fountains of Rome. The Grahames buy a car, see museums and churches, eat at wonderful restaurants, and- despite occasional loggerheads with their daughter- provide not only enjoyment but a broadening awareness of a few of the facts of life and the people who live it. None of the boy-girl angle proves to be very serious, and once home again, Diane finds herself ready for the faithful Jim, and resigns herself to the fact that nobody finds her trip as interesting copy as she does herself. Lightweight.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1957
Publisher: Macrae-Smith