THE ETRUSCANS: An Unsolved Mystery by Elizabeth Honness

THE ETRUSCANS: An Unsolved Mystery

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Shirley Glubok shapes the same archaeological material so much more commandingly that most young readers will come away from her far less extensive text with a superior appreciation of Etruscan civilization. Honness' treatment in contrast has neither direction nor interpretive thrust nor incisive comment -- as is evident in her only remark about Rome's impressive Cloaca Maxima which carried sewage from the city through an underground channel to the Tiber: ""This suggests that the Etruscans were no wiser about pollution in their day than people of the present time."" However her photo-illustrated survey of Etruria's 12 city-states, of the obscure origin and language of the people, of their religion, artistic achievements and luxurious lifestyle as deduced from archaeological evidence, is the first such juvenile overview and as such an acceptable introduction.

Pub Date: Sept. 25th, 1972
Publisher: Lippincott