WILDERNESS VENTURE by Elizabeth Howard


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For sixteen year-old Delia and her Ma, the move westward into Michigan territory is primarily an opportunity to get the large Clark brood successfully paired off and comfortably settled on adjacent homesteads. Appropriately enough the only hitch to their plans comes from the double-dealing of villainous bigamist Heber Bascom who leaves his poor wife Emma (and her two conveniently eligible sisters) destitute on the Clark's doorstep after he has presumably murdered brother Ezra. Ezra turns up alive in time to marry Martha; just as younger brother Reuel marries the flighty sister Phoebe, and Delia winds up engaged to the handsome trader Ethan. No-good Heber (perhaps because of his name as much as anything else) emerges as the only one of the bunch with any flair, but readers who still expect to find a wedding ring at the end of every rainbow will find this ending a resounding success.

Pub Date: Aug. 22nd, 1973
Publisher: Morrow