SUMMER UNDER SAIL by Elizabeth Howard
Kirkus Star


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A refreshingly lively period story of the 1850's. 16-year old Clarissa wanted to travel in her father's and grandfather's boats on the lakes she loved around Cleveland, and to be free of the restrictions imposed on young ladies. To the horror of her mother and prim sister and all of beau-conscious Cleveland, she disobeyed all the rules and stole out to listen to a lady lecturer. Her mother, to conceal the family disgrace, consents to Clarissa, properly chaperoned, going on her grandfather's ship, and Grandfather manages to collect a congenial group of young people. Clarissa wins approval when she catches the man of the season, and it is Emily who disgraces them by eloping with an old sweetheart. Ships and love interest and a healthy point of view, in a story set in a charming atmosphere.

Pub Date: March 26th, 1947
Publisher: Morrow