PEDDLER'S GIRL by Elizabeth Howard


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A breezy romance adventure for girls, set in 1840. Lucy Taylor, 18 year old orphan, living with her younger brother, Elijah, and beloved boisterous Uncle Adam, rebels against the stuffy existence which life with her bleak Uncle Reuben's family would mean. In spite of the disapproval of Uncle Reuben and an elegant young wain with intentions, Mr. Hartley, Lucy sets out on the open road with Elijah and Uncle Adam whose profession is peddling. The exhilaration of traveling westward in the new country, and making new friends is complicated by the necessity of adapting her rigidly patterned seminary ways to the rough- life of the pioneer, and the appearance of an itinerant artist, Jotham Muir, who contrasts strongly with Mr. Hartley, to that gentleman's disadvantage. Lucy slips into the gingham circuit with ease, and the slick nastiness of Mr. H. and the solid worth of Mr. M. come to light. A fast and free style, predictable plot, and likeable characters.

Pub Date: Feb. 28th, 1950
Publisher: Morrow