A HOUSE FOR HENRIETTA by Elizabeth Hubbard Lansing


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Kathy Simpson wanted desperately to make little Lisa Czujak, the Hungarian refugee who was new in her class, feel at home. Lisa and her mother stayed in the gloomy old house of Mrs. Prescott. Kathy envied more fortunate girls in the class, who could invite Lisa to the Beach Club. But at the birthday party for Lisa, Kathy gave the best present -- a Hungarian peasant doll she bad made herself. And when Mrs. Prescott's doctor says that the old lady must have absolute quiet, Kathy braves the doughty old dowager and secures use of the old cottage on the Prescott estate to house Lisa, her mother and the little doll, Henrietta. Unfortunately, the story gets off to a slow start, taking too long to introduce the crisis.

Pub Date: March 17th, 1958
Publisher: Crowell