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LULU'S WINDOW by Elizabeth Hubbard Lansing Kirkus Star



Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1954
Publisher: Crowell

Another superior story by the author of those superior stories of the Kentucky backwoods, Shoot for a Mule and Jubilant for Sure. This time there's a changed setting and a new theme, in the story of 10-year old Libby Barnes, daughter of the new minister in a small Connecticut town, and of her silent battle with the daughter of the ex-minister. The ""remarkable"" Lulu Burgoyne, it seems, still rules the gang through the reputation she had built, the precedents she had established. Libby's new chums, Sally and Pixie, still follow her dictates, until Libby, courageously standing up for her own convictions, unmasks Lulu as an arrogant, conceited fake. Observant, perceptive and funny.