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SONG IN THE SILENCE by Elizabeth Kerner


The Tale of Lanen Kaeler

by Elizabeth Kerner

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1997
ISBN: 0-312-85780-2
Publisher: Tor

 In Kolmar, tall young horse-farmer Lanen Kaelar dreams of meeting the True Dragons of the remote West. Soon, a Harvest ship, braving the terrible winter storms, will set off for Dragon Isle to seek valuable lansip leaves and fruit (they heal ills and prolong life). Though the chances of a successful return are small, Lanen will be aboard, along with Marik (he may be Lanen's father; he certainly has sold his firstborn child to demons). On Dragon Isle, Lanen meets Akor, the magnificent silver King of the Dragons, and finds that, somehow, she can speak with him telepathically; they fall utterly in love. But their love is forbidden by the Council of Dragons because of ancient strife between dragon and human. Meanwhile, Marik and his sorcerous sidekick, Caderan, are plotting all manner of wickedness. Eventually, Marik will grab Lanen (she is his daughter) and attempt to feed her to a demon; Akor, grievously wounded in defending her, is magically transformed into a man, and Marik has his brains scrambled by Akor's vengeful subjects. Other than the distracting and vexing multiple first-person narrators, a solidly detailed and impressively developed debut. Expect sequels.