DONNY AND COMPANY by Elizabeth Kinsey


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For the youngest in this age group and the advanced beginners who will take to a longer book, here are lively suburban doings that go right to the seven and eight year old turn of mind. Donny Willis and his family and pals, have year round fun. Just before spring there's a last blizzard that means snow suits again. A trip to the city reveals the excitement of Dad's newspaper office. When the big boys wont let him play, Donny inspires his gang to form their own baseball team, and later on unlooked-for adventure comes when they explore a stream and discover some of the town's geography. There's not the humor of a Cleary Henry and Heezu story, but enough zestful realism for wide identification. Mary Stevens' drawings are good character studies.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1953
Publisher: Franklin Watts