MEG OF HERON'S NECK by Elizabeth Ladd
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Literally wrenched from the vagabond life aboard the Sea Mouse with her half-brother Allen, Meg is forcibly transported from the Maine seacoast she loves so well to her uncle's chicken farm at Heron's Neck. Uncivilized and tomboyish, Meg vows to rebel against this ""better life"" with all her heart. She tolerates her aunt and uncle, she avoids school work, she even tries to run away. But it is the farm itself that slowly wins her and dispels her decision --the fun of exploring with cousin Kit, the excitement of training her pet crow and cat, the crowning joy of receiving a skiff all her own. By the time Allen returns, her old homesickness is under control. She is able to look upon the past with love and nostalgia, without the yearning to relive it. Here is a story of an honest-to-life 11 year old- perhaps with more vitality and spunk than most -- but a child whose reactions are as believable as the savory setting and genuine situations in which they occur.

Pub Date: Oct. 11th, 1961
Publisher: Morrow