MEG AND MELISSA by Elizabeth Ladd


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More of the exploits of the Meg (Meg of Heron's Neck, A Mystery for Meg, Meg's Mysterious Island). This time Meg gets a summer job on Shag Island, a solitary spot off the coast of Maine , taking care of Melissa, a five-year-old child whose parents have just been killed in a plane crash. The villains are Melissa's aunt and uncle (they come from the big city, hate animals, and smoke), who are after the money Melissa is supposed to inherit. They find out that Melissa's father isn't really dead but decide to hide Melissa as hostage. For further excitement there is a disappearing white rabbit and a forest fire. Readers who saw Meg through her previous traumas will be interested in following her most recent adventures. Others will find the plot absurd, the suspense mild, the characters stereotyped.

Pub Date: Aug. 19th, 1964
Publisher: Morrow