THE GLADE MANOR MURDER by Elizabeth Lemarchand


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Glade Manor, in the village of the Buckford, has been home to the Morley family for over a century. John Morley and second wife Rose live there now--with John's son Richard and wife Gail living in the smaller Dower house nearby. The family is in the business of restoring valuable books, except for John's adopted son Adrian, a rising academic at Oxford. John's first wife Fenella had died some years before, but the household is still looked after by aging, capable Emily Gover, known as Nanky. Into this halcyon backwater comes big trouble in the shape of Stephen Ash, a rough-cut builder who was brought back to his native England from Australia by a great-aunt's substantial legacy--and who is now the owner of decaying Hob's Cottage, a stone's throw from Glade Manor. When Nanky's body is discovered at the bottom of a quarry, and the autopsy proves murder, Scotland Yard's canny Superintendent Tom Pollard (Alibi for a Corpse, etc.) takes over the case. Its focus on Ash is never in doubt--but there's much digging to be done, some of which dredges up another victim. Pollard is affable as always, but with a villain known almost from the start; the over. generous space allotted to the family's genteel pursuits and restrained passions; and the stodgy pacing, this one's for Pollard fans and Anglophiles only. Others may find the going dignified but dull.

Pub Date: Oct. 6th, 1989
Publisher: Walker